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Telematics-Online, as part of our mission to offer the most technologically advanced products and services is one of the few Canadian agencies to provide a full spectrum of cellular and digital forensic services to the general public through our vast network of specialty partnerships.  Only a few years ago, this type of investigation and the associated technology was only accessible by elite intelligence and government agencies.

Today we offer our client’s cutting edge digital forensic investigation services through our network of expect forensic examiners.  Whether you are investigating infidelity, espionage, sexting, employee theft or teenage misbehavior our expert partners have the ability to extract and recover data from smartphones, tablets and SIM cards in a manner that preserves evidence ensuring admissibility in court:

  • Text Messages
  • SMS/MMS Messages
  • Detailed Call Records (incoming, outgoing, times and durations)
  • Recovery of Media (images, video, voice notes)
  • Contact Names and Details
  • Deleted Address Books, Contacts and Email Addresses

This day in age, digital devices such as BlackBerry’s, iPhones, Android Phones, iPads and PDA’s store and capture a variety of crucial evidence.  Law enforcement and the legal system have realized the importance of digital evidence contained on these devices and how crucial it is to trials, criminal investigations and child protection matters.

Here are just a few examples of scenarios and the types of clients we’ve assisted:

  1. Parents/Guardians have utilized our services for the purposes of protecting their child. Common inquires include knowing if their child is involved in sending or receiving explicit materials, if they are involved in drugs and alcohol, if they are instigating or a a victim of bullying and to identify other high risk behaviors.
  2. Corporate clients utilize our services for the purpose of identifying disgruntled employees, improper use of company telephones and resources, identifying sexual harassment or pornography in the work place or to identify possible espionage and theft of trade secrets.
  3. Spouses and significant others routinely contact us to ascertain if their partner is engaging in infidelity utilizing online dating sites, social networks and/or online forums or to identify involvement in various criminal activities.

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