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Domestic/Civil Investigations

Generally Speaking domestic investigations is a general term describing investigations surrounding individuals and/or their legal problems. Some of these problems could include fraud, theft, or abuse that occur in a person’s own home or issues directly or indirectly involving a loved one. Telematics-Online has provided domestic investigations to clients throughout Saskatchewan for over a decade from gang stalking to the online harassment of children. We have also successfully undertaken the following types investigations and helped when other organizations and agencies would not help or did not have the resources to help:

  • Child Custody Evidence
  • Premarital Checks
  • Babysitter/Elderly Caregiver Abuse
  • Teenage Activities
  • Privacy Breaches & Bug Sweeps
  • Personal Property & Asset Verification
  • Biological Parent & Adoptee Searchs
  • Stalker Harassment
  • Child Maintenance & Place of Employment Locates
  • Child Abduction
  • Property Vandalism
  • Cheating Spouse & Infidelity
  • Divorce and Spousal Deceit
  • Bigamy
  • Threats, Blackmail & Extortion
  • Restraining/No-Contact Orders
  • Spouse or child abuse
  • Missing Person/Runaways

We believe all our clients needs are different and therefore our services are built around the clients objectives from the planning to execution stages. Should you require our services or for a no-obligation, free consultation, please contact us.

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