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Legal Investigations

For the past decade Telematics-Online has worked meticulously with thousands of law firms, lawyers and paralegals both domestically and internationally. Whether the attorney is our client, utilized by another client for the sake of attorney-client privilege or another member of the litigation/investigative team – we welcome collaboration.

We have ample experience conducting both criminal and civil investigations for both the Crown and defense and both plaintiff and defense counsels. Our insight, professionalism and the effective results of our work have received many accolades over the years.

Telematics-Online provides the following services to a broad cross-section of the legal community:

  • Surveillance
  • Forensic Computing Services
  • Electronic Data Discovery and Retrieval
  • Evidence Collection and Secure Storage
  • Witness Location
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Comprehensive Witness Background and Evaluation Reports
  • Photographic and Video Support
  • Forensic Laboratory Services
  • Forensic Statement Analysis
  • Patent & Trademark Infringement
  • Public Records Searches
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Document Service
  • GPS Tracking
  • Witness Location
  • Forensic Statement Analysis
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Crime Scene Reconstructions and Analysis
  • Preparation of Photographs, Planned Drawings and Charts
  • Stalking Counter-Surveillance and Investigation
  • Cyberstalking Investigation
  • Forensic Paternity DNA Analysis
  • Asset Identification
  • Financial Inquiries
  • Estate Litigation
  • Civil Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Litigation Support and Trial Preparation
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets
  • Background Checks
  • Family Law Disputes/Domestic Relations
  • Probate Investigations

Please contact us for additional information on attorney services not available to the general public.

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