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Location & Skiptracing

Telematics-Online Research & Investigation Inc. specializes in the location of hard to locate individuals for a broad client base for myriad of reasons. We have built a meticulous reputation internationally by being able to locate almost anyone, anywhere around the world in a timely and cost effective manner when other firms have previously failed. Our success rate is in the 93rd percentile on first placement and a large portion of our files come from reassignments that were originally with our competitors.

We are sought after daily and assist clients in the locating of the following types of individuals saving them valuable time, money and heartache:

  • Heirs & unknown heirs;
  • Defendants, witnesses & class action recipients;
  • Beneficiaries & insureds;
  • Property owners;
  • Directors, officers & shareholders;
  • Missing & abducted persons;
  • Lost clients & relationships;
  • An estranged former spouse;
  • Tenant, lease skips & debtors;
  • Birth parents, birth children & adoptees.

Our team of highly capable, licensed, professional investigators and genealogical probate researchers have a proven track record few can match.  Whether you are trying to locate a missing heir or beneficiary, find a long lost love or grade school friend, find a birth parent or child, client, witness, probate a will, administer an estate or do a skip trace, you can rest assured we will meticulously handle the matter in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

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