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Pro bono publico is a Latin term meaning “for the public good.”  For Telematics-Online, pro bono means to voluntarily contribute part of their time without charge or at substantially reduced rates to disadvantaged individuals who have fallen on times of hardship; and to provide investigative services to assist organizations who represent the interests of, or who work on behalf of, members of the community of limited means or other public interest organizations under very specific purposes.

Our passion and drive to do public service in the areas of justice, security, risk management and protection goes well beyond the walls of our firm.  Pro bono work is valuable way to give back and protect the communities that our staff and their families also live and work.  Telematics-Online sustains an environment for our staff to engage in pro bono work in order to make the communities where we live safer and make a profound difference for people and organizations that otherwise would be unable to access justice, investigative, risk management and protection services.

The pro bono work we undertake varies on a case by case basis and is heavily vetted.  Types of files we consider mainly includes assisting with the location of missing and/or abducted children and individuals, criminal defense work primarily with respect to wrongful convictions, the monitoring of registered sex offenders in the community and in some cases child protection matters and elder abuse monitoring as well as identity theft and privacy/data breach matters.

If you you know someone or an organization who could benefit from our services please contact us directly for a consultation.

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