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Public Records Research & Retrieval

Telematics-Online Research and Investigation has cutting-edge research capabilities with access to hundreds of databases around the globe to retrieve the information you require in real-time. Use of the Internet and the latest technological software aid us in successfully serving our client’s needs.

Creativity, resourcefulness and innovative techniques are key to our information gathering techniques. Most requests can be completed in 1-2 business days, however in-depth docket requests and international searches may require 5-7 days. Some requests may require a special signed authorization depending on the jurisdiction or the capacity of the requester. Please note we reserve the right to reject any request if we feels the information being requested will be used for unlawful or unethical purposes or is in breach of an individuals personal privacy. A permissible purpose will be verified.


Telematics-Online provides the following research services:

  • Commercial Credit Reports
  • Consumer Credit Reports
  • Personal Property Registry
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Media Searches
  • Drivers Abstract
  • National Police Check
  • Land Title Registry
  • Telephone SearchesVital Statistics
  • Divorce Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Court House Records
  • Trademark Records
  • Patent Records
  • Insurance Claim Records
  • Employment History

Please contact us for pricing, availability and turnaround times. Volume discounts are available.


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