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Sub Rosa Surveillance

One of the core business activities of Telematics-Online Research & Investigation Inc. provides is providing covert surveillance to a multitude of clients for a myriad of reasons. We pride ourselves in providing a reliable and discreet presence even in unanticipated and difficult situations.

The scope of surveillance tasks we have undertaken is vast.Ā  We have been commissioned by clients in high profile cases across Canada that have entrusted our proven abilities to plan, execute and deliver an extremely high quality service that will stand up in a court of law. We have also directed and overseen active surveillance assignments around the globe on behalf of Canadian clients through our network of pre-screened international surveillance operatives and partner firms.

The art or tradecraft of surveillance takes tens-of-thousands of logged hours and specialty training to learn how to properly plan and execute in dynamic, ever-changing environments.Ā  From the choice of vehicle(s) that are utilized in an effort to blend into a particular environment or neighborhood, to the style of dress the chosen investigator or team of investigators wear, to studying all possible entrances and exits, to the traffic patterns at a particular location or time of day, our attention to detail is second to none. Our competitors simply cannot offer you this peace-of-mind.

Telematics-Online believes that by deploying a professionally trained and correctly resourced team, the chances of maintaining control of a “target” and acquiring the appropriate intelligence is increased, while the risk of compromise is minimized. Individuals who do not have the correct professional experience continually conduct the surveillance aspect badly, which often leads to disastrous results. This is especially true in Saskatchewan when more and more “Security Firms” are branching out and offering surveillance services with little to no training simply because they have a “duel license” and are licensed under the same legislation as Saskatchewan private investigators. Surveillance is an investment and should be entrusted to those who offer the necessary specialty training and required skillsets and experience.

All of our surveillance operators and vehicles are fitted with the latest digital technology recorders and cameras. We have the ability to photograph and record activity and send real time updates and digital images to our clients. In addition comprehensive written reports inclusive of logs of all activity, videography and photography is then submitted to the client in both written and electronic format.

Discretion and confidentiality between our clients and Telematics-Online Research & Investigation is considered to be of paramount importance. All of our personnel are used to dealing with sensitive issues and can be relied upon to be discreet both when on and off duty.

Although we strive to achieve the client’s immediate objective during our operations, we will always consider preservation of the client’s long term objectives to be the deciding factor when carrying out surveillance related tasks – preferring at times to abort an operation to a later date and time rather than press on and risk compromise.

Our surveillance experts are trained in:

  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Static Surveillance
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Undercover Surveillance
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Discreet Inquiries/Alive-and-Well Checks

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