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TSCM (Bug) Sweeps

Risk and exposure are rapidly increasing to individuals and corporations through the sale of electronic monitoring and evasive eavesdropping devices. These bugs are now available to the general public with the increased presence of boutique spy shops, the internet and online auction sites. Just a quick search on the internet reveals hundred-of-thousands of search results.  With the market quickly being saturated and the demand increases, the cost of these bugging devices is now very low and the frequency in which they are utilized is increasing. The costs to associated to an individual or corporation if their information is compromised is unmeasurable.

Telematics-Online Research & Investigation Inc. is a leader in cutting edge TSCM technology with the ability to discover and detect hidden eavesdropping devices that compromise your privacy and communication.  We have both the internal capabilities coupled with partnerships with some of the world’s leading professionals to provide our clients with highest quality service in (TSCM) technical surveillance counter measures (Bug Sweeps) as part of their risk management and implementation strategy.  We offer electronic eavesdropping detection and have contracted with dozens of individuals and business clients in Saskatchewan to safeguard and protect their privacy on both an ongoing and as needed basis.

Some of the electronic counter measure services we offer include:

  • Detection of Listening Devices
  • Electronic Review of Facilities
  • Detection of Room Devices
  • Non Linear Junction Detection
  • Microwave Device Detection
  • Power Line Carrier Detection
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Broadband Detectors
  • Phone System Analyzers
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Infrared Detection
  • Frequency Spectrum Demodulation (Analog, GSM, Cell, WiFi)
  • Wi-Fi Analysis for Security Breaches and Security
  • Telecommunications – Packet Analysis and Security of Data. Analog, Digital, and VoIP
  • Audio and Video Inspections
  • Physical Security Evaluations

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