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Telematics-Online Research and Investigation Inc. is a licensed and bonded Canadian private investigation firm founded in 2003. We specialize in all areas of private and commercial operations both at home and abroad.  We have undertaken and overseen thousands of investigations in over 100 countries during that time.

We are considered one of the foremost investigative and intelligence gathering agencies in Canada. We connect the world to Canada and Canada to the world in both an investigative and risk management capacity utilizing our ever-evolving network of agents, subcontractors and through a multitude of specialized partnerships and trusted sources.

Telematics-Online holds and maintains collaborative, good-standing reputation with investigators and intelligence sources and agencies domestically and has a large network of affiliated offices throughout the Americas, Africa-Eurasia & Australia. With such a large network, it is possible for us to assist clients with nearly any type of assignment, nearly anywhere on the globe, in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner.

Our trusted employees, agents, subcontractors, partners and other assets have all been meticulously screened and recruited from a myriad of backgrounds including law enforcement, military, forensic and risk management disciplines and various other specialty fields of expertise. Access to partners with such well-rounded and wide-ranging capabilities allows us to provide the level of service, experience and expertise required by even our most demanding clients.

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427-4246 Albert Street
Regina, SK Canada S4S 3R9

Toll Free: +1 (855) Will-Spy
Local: +1 (306) 551-8984


SK Agency Lic.#: PD336